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Top 10 Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

We have to say this, no matter how difficult your time of pregnancy is, it can be said that it is every woman’s dream to one day become a mother and have kids. Irrespective of the joy attached to this part of a woman’s life, there seems to be one part of the equation that seems to be a point of concern and that is the issue of pregnancy weight gain or as others call it, weight gains during the time of pregnancy which is termed as a very big problem for many women today.

To be honest with you, it’s going to be quite impossible to go through the pregnancy trimesters (which is three trimesters for those who haven’t had kids) and not add weight, I mean let’s face this fact, you are making space for someone else, do you think it would be possible not to add weight gain?

I didn’t think so. In light of this emerging and consistently growing problem, women have turned to any kind of method that would help with pregnancy weight loss.

Over the years through the development of science and scientific methods, we have learned that there are many safe pregnancy weight loss methods with no side effects attached to it. Pregnancy weight loss is very beneficial especially for women who are obese (have a BMI over 30).

There have been many posts concerning safe pregnancy weight loss tips but only a minority have actually worked. We are here with the top10 pregnancy weight loss tips which a lot of women have testified about and you don’t need to be an exception. Come on, let’s go.

1. Create a plan

You have to create a plan for gradual weight loss because having a baby is not a day’s work. It entails you carrying a baby for 9 months (approximately 40 weeks) and during this period, the baby depends on you as you are responsible for nourishing the baby for the period before delivery.

Not having a plan for gradual weight loss during the pregnancy period can lead to many complications (though it is common, it is not a conclusive theory as there are exceptions) like premature birth, heart defects in the baby, high blood pressure in the mother amongst others. A consistent approach to the pregnancy weight loss process is a step in the right direction.

2. Cut down on calories

This is very essential for reducing excess weight during the pregnancy period as eating more calories than you burn is the real reason for weight gain. A knowledge of your caloric intake can help with the reduction process. Keep in mind that every pregnant woman needs approximately 1,700 calories per day and anything less than that would lead to both the mother and the child not having enough exercise for the day.

3. Have a basic knowledge of how much weight gain is normal for your body type

Instead of thinking about weight loss all the time, a proper knowledge of the typical pregnancy weight gain that is termed as ideal for your body size is worth your mastery.

  • A normal weighted woman would gain about 30 pounds

  • An obese woman would add about 15 pounds

4. Exercise regularly

This is something most women shy away from claiming it is bad for their unborn baby but this is not true (with exceptions to sit-up’s) as walking about 30 minutes daily; keeps you in shape, jogging and walking are recommended too.

5. Address any weight loss concerns early

Early detection of excess weight gain during pregnancies can be a very good way to prevent excessive weight gains.

6. Eat frequent small meals

Frequent might not be the word you were looking for but to be honest, a pregnant woman is prone to frequent hunger and instead of eating large portions of food, eating as required in small quantities helps to keep your weight in check.

7. Take prenatal vitamins

This is a normal doctor’s prescription for pregnant women. The daily intake of these prenatal vitamins would take care of the essential vitamins needed for proper baby growth while managing and reducing weight. This does not mean you should totally forego your usual meals.

8. Eat proper and healthy food:

The intake of a proper meal in mind, a healthy diet for a pregnant woman consists mainly of cereals, low-fat milk, unsaturated fat, folate-rich foods like beans and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Others that are to be avoided are unhealthy fats like mayonnaise, too much sugar, excess salts, junk foods like ice cream and artificial sweeteners.

9. Accept that the change is temporary:

Knowledge of the fact that the situation is not a permanent one is a step towards maintaining and losing weight while pregnant. Worrying about the situation does not solve it, it only makes it worse.

10. Make a choice:

Choices determine who we are in every endeavor of life. The knowledge of the fact that cheese burst pizza with bacon is not the right choice for a healthy mother and child; it is a conscious choice to stay away from it and a path to not only lose weight but respect your body too.


  • What's the difference between a pregnancy weight loss diet and a normal weight loss diet?

A normal weight loss diet has no constraints or restrictions as it is an instrument for weight loss for any specific size, while a pregnancy weight loss diet has constraints which help to keep the mother’s weight in check with enough food to keep both the mother and the baby well nourished for the day.

  • What diseases can affect a mother and the baby with the wrong diet?-Example, which weight loss methods prevent which effects and which weight loss methods increase the risks of which harms?

There are lots of diseases which affect a mother and her baby with the wrong diet such as blood clots, sleep apnea, heart defects etc.

  • How much weight loss is dangerous?

Any weight loss that prevents you from taking in the necessary caloric intake for mother and child is dangerous.


Pregnancy weight loss is a very great idea not only for the mother but also her unborn child and with the right knowledge on how to go about it, it goes a long way in keeping the mother in shape before and after delivering a very healthy baby. Pregnancy weight gain is inevitable but with these safe pregnancy weight loss techniques, you are good to go.


  • Research recommendations: The process must be done under the supervision of a trained physician.

  • Government recommendations

  • Australian Government recommendations

  • American Government recommendations

  • Canadian Government recommendations

  • World health organization recommendations- weight loss before delivery is very essential for safe delivery

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