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Is Quark safe to eat during pregnancy?

Quark may not be as common as yogurt, cheese or ice cream, but still, it is among the dairy products women are encouraged to take but, is it safe to eat quark when pregnant? Quark is one of the safest dairy products for pregnant women as it helps them get their daily requirement of calcium and all other nutrients.

Pregnant women who are lactose intolerant can eat quark as it has low lactose. Quark has been described as a half cheese, half- yogurt, giving you the best of both. Quark is essential for pregnant women and they are advised to consume a large amount of it to help in forming the bones of the fetus. The normal daily requirement for quark is about 0.0003-0.0004 pounds, pregnant women are advised to take more than that.

Nutritional benefits of Quark.

Comparing quark yogurt to Greek yogurt, quark contains more protein than Greek yogurt. You can get about 0.03 pounds of protein in a 0.22 pounds quark, but only a 0.02 pounds of protein in Greek yogurt.

Quark contains less salt than cottage cheese. In a 0.0002 pounds of quark, you will just get 8.82 pounds of salt content.

Types of Quark

There are different types of quark which are; Fat-free quark, Semi fat curd and the fat quark. The semi-fat curd is specially made for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Healthy benefits of Quark during pregnancy.

There are so many benefits pregnant women can gain from eating this cheese. Apart from the protein and calcium, quark also contains, iron, potassium, vitamin A, E, D, H, B, C, nicotinic acids, chlorine, sodium, phosphorus, selenium, methionine, lactose and fluorine.

  1. First, is the high protein content which is needed during pregnancy to help in the formation of the fetus ligaments, muscles, tissues, skin and internal organs. It can be used as a substitute for meat, something pregnant vegans can benefit from too. The body can also easily digest it.

  2. It also contains calcium necessary for the strong bones and teeth of both the mother and child.

  3. Quark also contains very little salt when compared to cheese and yogurts.

  4. It helps in reducing high blood pressure and other heart conditions.

  5. Quark contains vitamin k content which helps the body to regulate where calcium is stored. It takes away calcium from the blood vessels and keeps them in the bones where it is meant to be.

  6. It contains vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the strengthening of a pregnant woman’s immune system so that her body can be able to fight against diseases.

How to choose fresh and natural quark.

Check the best before the date to ensure that the quark is still fresh before buying.

Check the ingredients used to make sure they are all natural. In a natural quark, you will see ingredients such as milk, cream, calcium chloride, ferments and enzyme nutrients. Avoid quarks that are written quark product as they have been produced using vegetable fat.

Apart from contributing to the growth and development of the fetus, quark also gives women smooth skin, strong hair and nails. However, you should take quark in moderation during pregnancy because of the sodium content.

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