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Is Mayonnaise safe during pregnancy?

Is it safe to eat mayonnaise during pregnancy? Is one question pregnant women need some clarification and the answer comes from different directions.

Mayonnaise made from pasteurized eggs is safe to eat when pregnant, but you should avoid those made with unpasteurized eggs as they could give you a bacterial infection. Buy mayonnaise that is in the jar and on the shelf. There are most likely to be made with heat-treated eggs. Avoid eating homemade mayonnaise made with unpasteurized eggs. Eating such could expose you to the risk of salmonella contamination.

Different types of mayonnaise and their fatty content.

When eating mayonnaise, you have to be careful, because one spoon of mayonnaise can contain up to 90 calories and you don’t want to exceed your daily calorie recommendation.

Here are some mayonnaise and the amount of fat you can find in them.

Light Mayonnaise.

Just as the name suggests, light mayonnaise is the best type of mayonnaise for pregnant women because it has low-fat content, around 25-30% of fat.

Full Fat Mayonnaise.

Full fat mayonnaise contains a large amount of fat and should be avoided by obese pregnant women or those who want to maintain their weight during pregnancy. It has about 65-75 % fat content.

Extra Mayonnaise.

Extra mayonnaise is a much better option to go with during pregnancy. Its fatty contents are about 10%.

Real Mayonnaise.

Real mayonnaise is also on the high side and it’s not for a woman trying to lose weight during pregnancy. It contains about 78.5% fat.

How mayonnaise contributes to a healthy pregnancy.

As long as you eat in moderation, mayonnaise has its role to play during pregnancy.

Mayonnaise contains nutrients which are helpful during pregnancy to both mother and child. There is vitamin E which helps in maintaining the blood sugar level of the pregnant woman, as well as prevent preterm labor or miscarriage. You can get about 3.9P (1.77 milligrams) of vitamin E from a tablespoon of mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise contains about 0.5 P (24 mcg) content of vitamin K, that helps the body in preventing excess bleeding during labor, this is done by clotting blood.

Although too much fat isn’t good for anyone including the pregnant woman, the fat content in mayonnaise provides energy for the expectant mother. She can work out in the gym without getting easily tired.

Safety measures to put in place as you eat your mayonnaise during pregnancy.

Enjoy eating mayonnaise with these easy methods:

Check the label.

It is very important to do this if you do not want to find yourself munching on an unpasteurized sandwich. If you are using a commercial mayonnaise, you can’t be too sure that they’ve used the right ingredients, so you need to check the label. If you are eating out, always remember to ask if the eggs used in making the mayonnaise are pasteurized.

Use a clean knife.

Hygiene is also important when eating mayonnaise. Wash your knife and use a clean wet cloth to clean it.

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