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Is it safe to eat Tostitos queso during pregnancy?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Tostitos queso is one dip every pregnant woman wants to keep close to her during pregnancy when she decides to indulge in some chips such as tortilla chips. But is it safe to eat Tostitos queso during pregnancy? Is it not something pregnant women should avoid?

Tostitos is safe for pregnant women to eat as long as the cheese is hard and pasteurized cheese and also the milk is pasteurized too. When these two main ingredients used in preparing the Tostitos queso dip, then, it is safe for a pregnant woman to eat.

Tostitos queso is not only a great dip but also contains nutritional value and has amazing benefits for pregnant women. Keep reading to find out more.

Nutritional information on Tostitos queso

A 0.22 pounds of a standard Tostitos contains 133 calories, 0.03 pounds of carbohydrates,1.98 pounds of cholesterol, 0.02 pounds of fat, 0.01 pounds of protein, 0.16 pounds of water, 4.23 pounds of vitamin E, 259 IU of vitamin A, 3.08 pounds of sugars, 0.6 of fiber.

It also contains minerals such as potassium (0.0003pounds), sodium (0.002pounds), potassium (0.0002 pounds), magnesium (1.54pounds), calcium (0.0002pounds). iron (3.09pounds), selenium (6.61pounds), zinc (9.70pounds ). It has traces of vitamin K, B1, B2, B3, B5, C, iron, zinc, and manganese.

Health benefits of Tostitos queso during pregnancy

Tostitos queso is rich in nutrients and recommended for pregnant women. They come with health benefits such as:

It aids in fetal bone development. It also strengthens the bones, teeth, and heart of the pregnant woman.

It reduces the risk of gestational diabetes as well as lower LDL bad cholesterol while increasing the HDL good cholesterol level in the blood. It also helps in blood circulation and ensures proper distribution of blood to every part of the body including the placenta. It contributes to the production of hemoglobin and flushes out toxins from the liver.

It helps in blood clotting which is essential for a woman during the delivery time so that she does not bleed excessively and require a blood transfusion.

It lessens oxidative stress and fights against disease-causing radicals that cause damage to cells in the body. It also boosts immunity making it stronger to fight off sickness and disease.

It helps in promoting skin health, good vision, immune health, gene transcription, bone metabolism and the overall development of the fetus. The vitamin B2 content helps in metabolizing iron.

It maintains the cellular, PH, fluid and electrical balance of a pregnant woman’s body. It keeps the pregnant woman hydrated and also helps with muscle contractions.

It helps in the regulation of blood sugar. It also increases the energy level of the pregnant woman and elevates her mood.

It is low in calories, fat, cholesterol which makes it beneficial for weight loss and maintenance during pregnancy.

Tostitos queso is a nutritious dip pregnant women can indulge in to make their meal taste better and richer. They can include spices such as chili pepper, jalapeno peppers, and tomatoes. When buying commercially sold Tostitos queso, ensure they are from a recognized brand to prevent food contamination or bacterial infection.

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