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Is it safe to eat prunes during pregnancy?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Prunes are fruits made from plums. There are certain fruits to be limited or entirely avoided during pregnancy, but prunes are not one of them. Nonetheless, it still prompts this question, “Is it safe to eat prunes during pregnancy?”

Prunes are perfectly safe for consumption during pregnancy; you can also drink prune juice to make it easier for you. Eating prunes boost your immune system, reduces inflammation, increases your energy levels and ensures that your moods are stable, keeps you and the baby healthy all through the pregnancy.

Prunes contain more than 14 different vitamins and minerals. They also contain a healthy dose of antioxidants. In one plum, you can find 1 gram of fiber which is essential for digestion during pregnancy.

Amazing benefits of prunes during pregnancy

Eating prunes during pregnancy sure has a lot to offer such as:

Knocks out constipation

Every pregnant woman wants a trusted cure for that constant constipation that seems to haunt her all through the pregnancy period. Eating prunes prevent constipation during pregnancy by helping the body produce a hormone known as progesterone which helps to relax the muscles that form outside the walls of the bowel. When these muscles are relaxed, waste products can easily move outside the body.

Reduces the risk of iron deficiency

Prunes are rich in minerals, especially iron. The body especially needs irons during pregnancy as it helps in producing hemoglobin which is necessary for cell formation.

Iron deficiency is one of the common deficiencies most pregnant women have which leads to anemia. You will need to eat both foods and fruits that contain iron nutrients during pregnancy to provide your body with enough supply of it. One of the fruits that will supply your body with iron is prunes.

Controls blood pressure

Another benefit of eating prunes is that it helps in reducing high blood pressure and also contributes to its regulation.

Healthy skin

You want to have a baby with clear blue eyes, blond hair and smooth skin, then you should make prunes a regular fruit for you during pregnancy. Prunes provide the body with vitamin A (beta-carotene) which clears up your skin making it shiny and beautiful during pregnancy while also playing the same role for your baby in the womb. It also gives your baby a clear vision.

Side effects of prunes during pregnancy

Pregnant women should be careful about how they consume prunes and drink prune juice during pregnancy. It is easy to consume a large quantity because of the sweetness and the fact that it has a soothing effect that can make all your pregnancy problems go away.

Eating a lot of it could cause side effects such as bloating, itching or diarrhea which is quite discomforting during pregnancy.

Prunes are one of the healthiest foods in the world. They have been specifically recommended for pregnant women and do not have any serious side effects. Always find out from your doctor how much prunes will be too much to eat during pregnancy to ensure you do not go overboard with it.

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