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Is it safe to eat jalapenos during pregnancy?

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Spices often used to prepare spicy foods varies and can offer different benefits to pregnant women. One of such spices is the jalapenos due to its strong flavor and hotness, some pregnant women may ask, “is it safe to eat jalapenos during pregnancy?’

Jalapenos are safe to eat during pregnancy if used in moderation as it has a high spice level and also a strong flavor which may be too much for a pregnant woman. Jalapenos are used as an ingredient in delicious dishes such as pizza. Its pleasing aroma makes the food more appealing even before having a taste of it.

Benefits of eating jalapenos while pregnant

Jalapenos offer various benefits to the pregnant woman and her child. Some of those benefits are:

Weight management

Most body conscious pregnant women such as models and fitness trainers might fall in love with jalapenos because of this benefit. Jalapenos contain a compound known as capsaicin which is known for increasing the rate of metabolism which helps in burning fat. It also reduces stress and prevents fatigue or any pain.

Jalapenos is useful in preventing gestational diabetes during pregnancy as it contains some anti-diabetic properties.

It will help you maintain or shed some of the fat gotten from daily consumption of junks. This is not to encourage you to increase your junk intake with the hope that jalapenos will perform some kind of magic. It is still necessary to eat healthily as the life of your baby depends on it.

Immunity booster

Jalapenos also help in boosting the immunity of expectant mothers. It is a general knowledge that the immunity of pregnant women is very low when compared to the average human being. This low immunity is as a result of the shift in focus of the body which works hard to make the essential nutrients available for the growth and development of the fetus.

Jalapenos are rich sources of vitamin C which helps in boosting immunity as it contains antioxidants known as flavonoids which fight radicals in the body to enable it to function properly. They also contribute to the regulation of blood pressure in the body.

Prevents fluid retention

The swollen legs, face, and arms which most pregnant women experience are as a result of fluid retention. Jalapenos help to prevent this by making you sweat out the fluid while eating it.

Risks associated with eating jalapenos during pregnancy

Eating jalapenos might be great during pregnancy, it is important to remember that it should be eaten with moderation. Apart from the fact that too much of everything is bad, jalapenos could cause heartburns to pregnant women who eat a lot of it.


You can sprinkle jalapenos on your pizza to make it tasty and enjoyable. If you have never tried jalapenos before conceiving, then you should probably avoid it.

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