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Is it safe to eat hot dogs during pregnancy?

You are having a countdown of months to childbirth not just because you want to carry the little one in you and feel their tender skin, but because you want to run right across the street and get yourself a giant-sized hotdog!

But then, nine months is starting to look like nine years and you need a quick fix. You begin to wonder; is there a way I could eat a hot dog without harming my baby? Is it safe to eat hot dogs during pregnancy?

Unfortunately, hot dogs are prohibited during pregnancy unless they are heated to an internal temperature of 165ºF or until steaming hot. The Center for Disease Control listed it as one of the foods to avoid during pregnancy. So, you might need to take your eyes off it until after childbirth or take time to cook it to the required temperature before eating.

Apart from CDC’s directives, there are some valid reasons why you should avoid eating hot dogs while pregnant. Keep reading to find out why you should eliminate them from your diet now.

Why hotdog is not safe for pregnant women

As a cured meat, hot dogs could pick up a host of harmful bacteria at the packing stage which could cause a lot of harm to your unborn baby. It may not harm you in any way except for the fact that you may feel nauseated and experience stomach pains and painful cramps.

But the results are more devastating to the fetus as it is still growing and unable to fight diseases.

Another thing is that these bacteria such as E. coli, toxop

Lasma and listeria are capable of entering your system and finding their way to the placenta where the fetus feeds, and infect it without you knowing what is going on. You might only discover the damaging effect of those hotdogs few days or months after your baby is born and by then, it might be too late to do anything. There are various reports of babies dying after months of delivery due to one deformity or the other.

Are you still feeling like eating some hot dogs?

If you must eat those tempting hot dogs, then you need to follow some steps. Check them out:

You must cook the hotdogs at a high temperature before eating. They should be cooked at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. When you cook the hotdog at a high temperature, the high temperature will kill the bacteria present and prevent any infection.

Also, you must eat it immediately. It is safer to eat hot dogs when it is still piping hot than when it’s not because another set of bacteria may form on it.

Take these steps to avoid further food contamination during pregnancy.

  • You can begin by avoiding some food

  • Washing your hands before and after meals

  • Washing your hands, kitchen surfaces or any utensil used in preparing raw fish or meat

  • Cooking the fish or meat thoroughly until there is no trace of blood

  • Avoid leftovers that have stayed more than 24 hours

  • Eat food when they are piping hot. This is not the time to wait until they are less hot.

Apart from the bacterial infection, hot dogs are not healthy for pregnant women. They are high in fat, sodium, and nitrates. The sodium nitrates are for preservation and enhancement of the flavor and color. A study confirmed that some even contain human DNA!

So, probably you may want to avoid it totally till after your baby is safely born.

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