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Is it safe to eat feta cheese when pregnant?

Most pregnant women would want to know the types of cheese that are safe to consume and the ones that are not, which is why they ask the question, is it safe to eat feta cheese during pregnancy?

Is it safe to eat mozzarella cheese while pregnant? Will eating feta cheese harm my unborn baby?

Feta cheeses are soft cheeses generally made from pasteurized milk which makes them safe for pregnant women to consume. Pasteurized milk has been heated and as such been ridden off any bacteria that might pose a risk to the health of a pregnant woman and the fetus.

Feta cheese may be made from pasteurized milk, but that does not make them free from disease-causing agents. Some of the cheese has been made in a questionable environment and could be exposed to bacteria which could cling to the cheese while they are being packaged. It becomes unsafe for any pregnant woman who takes a bite from such cheese.

How to safely eat feta cheese during pregnancy.

You need to be careful of what you eat during pregnancy so that it does not harm your unborn baby. Here are some smart ways you could avoid eating feta cheese that will cause you problems.

Start by knowing the type of cheese you are purchasing. Always ask the question, “Is your feta cheese made with pasteurized milk?” rather than, “Do you have feta cheese?” this makes it important that you need to know the condition of the cheese before knowing its availability. Buying cheese made with pasteurized milk are the first step in ensuring you are eating cheese from the right source.

If by any chance, feta cheese has been made from unpasteurized milk and you purchase it, then it should be used for preparing dishes that would be thoroughly cooked. You cannot eat cheese that is made from unpasteurized milk during pregnancy, so the best way to make up for the situation is to add it to a thoroughly cooked meal.

To kill the bacteria that might be present in the cheese, you might need to cook with a temperature as high as 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This is hot enough to kill off any listeria bacteria in the cheese.

You can melt the feta cheese instead and use as a dipping sauce rather than a side dish. Cheese can be melted by placing it in a double boiler. You do not need a double boiler saucepan or pot for this. Just place a glass bowl with the feta cheese in it, on the pot of boiling water.

The steam that will come out of the boiling pot is enough to melt the cheese and also kill off the bacteria in it. You can use melted feta cheese to eat any of your favorite dishes.

You do not need to avoid feta cheese when you are pregnant. Take the precautions above and enjoy the comfort of feta cheese during pregnancy, but remember there is a risk of eating soft cheeses, so if you cannot follow the instructions above, it’s better you avoid it throughout your pregnancy.

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