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Is it safe to eat dates during pregnancy?

Dates are wonderful fruits which are great for mothers during pregnancy. It is packed with nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. However, this question is usually asked by pregnant women, “is it safe to eat dates during pregnancy?”

Yes, it is safe, although the timing matters. According to a study, women who ate six dates every day, a month to their due date, experienced a short phase of labor. They also had their membranes intact when they got to the hospital.

By all means, you can eat dates within the first and second trimester of your pregnancy, but you might want to be careful, so you don’t consume too much sugar especially if you had blood sugar issues before conceiving. Why the timing matter is because if you can start eating six dates every day from a week to your due date, then you will enjoy the benefit of reduced and easy labor.

Dates supply the body with nutrients such as calcium, serotonin and tannin which helps in the contraction of uterine muscles. It also contains oleic, linolenic and linoleic acid which are saturated and unsaturated acids which help pregnant women stay strong and active during their pregnancy period especially around their due date when they are most likely to be weak. Other nutrients such as fiber, folate, vitamin K and magnesium are also found in dates. Let’s look at various ways in which dates are great for pregnant women.

Benefits of dates for pregnant women.

Here are some of the health benefits of dates in pregnancy:

  • Dates contain fructose sugar which does not spike up blood sugar levels because of how easy it is to break down in the body; this lowers the risk of gestational diabetes.

  • It helps pregnant women deal with constipation due to the fiber content of the food. It also keeps them full and prevents craving since it’s something portable they can carry around as snacks.

  • The potassium content in dates helps to regulate blood pressure in a pregnant woman by maintaining her water and salt balance.

  • Dates also help in the clotting of blood, prevention of cramps and most importantly, preventing congenital disabilities such as neural tube defect.

Incorporating Dates into your Diet.

You can add dates to your salad for that extra taste.

Rather than adding sugar to your smoothie, use dates instead. You can also use dates as a substitute for sugar in your sugar added meals. It’s healthier and has lots of benefits.

You can use dates as a snack rather than eating junks during pregnancy.

Dates are good for pregnant women if they eat them in moderation, so they don’t get the negative effect of it instead. Buy dried dates when you are shopping for it and don’t forget to wash it properly to get rid of the germs or bacteria on it. You can crush nuts and dates in your food processor to make a pie crust.

So, in addition to exercises to get the baby into the right position for delivery, dates will help make the labor shorter and easier.

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