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Is it safe to eat corn flakes during pregnancy?

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Cornflakes is a breakfast cereal which most pregnant women love to eat due to its stress-free preparation and also the burst of energy it supplies them to go about their normal activities with ease. However, the frequently asked question is, is it safe to eat corn flakes while pregnant?

This question has had conflicting answers with one party affirming it is safe and the other listing the many congenital disabilities associated with eating it during pregnancy.

Negative observations about eating corn flakes during pregnancy.

According to research studies which involved almost 1000 women, pregnant women who ate highly processed foods such as cornflakes and white bread were at a higher risk of having malformed babies.

Congenital disabilities such as spina bifida caused by the famous neural tube defect were said to have occurred more in babies whose mothers ate more sugar, and highly processed foods. It is even much worse with obese pregnant women.

Excess consumption of Cornflakes inhibits the absorption of essential minerals such as zinc and iron. The grains found in cornflakes are a bit difficult to consume and may lead to abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence and other irritating discomforts during pregnancy.

This might make you lose appetite and avoid eating other foods which is not good during pregnancy as it could prevent you from getting the nutrients you are meant to supply your body with during pregnancy. Poor nutrient supply can be bad for the growth and development of your unborn child.

Most of the cornflakes are high in sugar, salt and fat, although some brands claim that they are just high in carbohydrates and not fats. Eating even a little can lead to extra weight gain and obesity.

How you can reduce the risk of cornflakes if you must eat it

According to a spokesman of Kellogg cornflakes adding milk or bananas to cornflakes can lower the GI. Also, eating a small quantity and resisting any urge to take more servings of cornflakes helps. Exercising regularly will also help in reducing the effects of the high glycemic index.

Health benefits of eating cornflakes

Although there is the high GI scare, if consumed with moderation and regular exercise and physical activities, there are many attached benefits to eating this wonderful meal such as:

A bowl of cornflakes contains about 25 grams of fiber, which helps the pregnant woman in so many ways which include reducing preeclampsia which is caused by high blood pressure; it also prevents you from having constipation by allowing free bowel movement.

Although high in carbohydrates, cornflakes contain low fat which helps to check your weight as long as you are not adding other fatty foods to your diet.


You do not have to eliminate corn flakes from your diet, make sure that you discipline yourself to know when to stop eating. Also, remember to add milk and fruits like a banana when eating cornflakes.

"Check in with the doctor to determine how best you can add cornflakes to your diet if you must have it", the London Nutrition Society.

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