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Is it safe to eat chocolates during pregnancy?

Chocolates are the best comfort foods for pregnant women to help them during the stressful period of pregnancy. Most pregnant women would want to be sure and go on to ask the question, “is it safe to eat chocolates during pregnancy?”

Yes, it is safe to eat chocolates when you are pregnant as long as you don’t overindulge; a piece or two of the chocolate bars is all that you need to get you up and happy again. If you wish to eat it every day for health reasons, then a tiny bit is all that you need.

You have to tread carefully when eating chocolates because it’s easy to get addicted to them and end up consuming more than you ought. Eating too much chocolate during pregnancy might cause complications.

Here are some reasons you may want to hold back on your chocolate binging while pregnant.

Why chocolates may not be safe for you.

You could easily get addicted to eating chocolates once you start eating them and not only will this cause extra weight gain, it could make you replace your healthy foods with just chocolates. Rather than eating foods that will supply nutrients to help with the growth and development of your baby, all your focus will be on grabbing a bar of chocolate to make you feel happy.

According to the Journal of Food Science, chocolates contain caffeine and pregnant women are advised to reduce their caffeine intake to below 200 mg per day.

While dark chocolates might be a healthier option for pregnant women due to the low-fat content, they contain more caffeine than the milky chocolates. You will have to reduce the number of chocolates you lick.

Chocolates are also very acidic according to research by ResearchGate. They can increase the effect of heartburn in a pregnant woman and also cause acid reflux which happens as a result of an increase in stomach acid.

You could gain excess weight if you make eating chocolate a daily thing. A standard chocolate milk bar contains about 210 calories which are quite high. Adding excess weight within a short time could cause gestational diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure. Resist the addiction if you must eat chocolate during pregnancy to have better control over your weight.

Chocolates contain a lot of sugar which is bad for you especially during pregnancy when a baby is involved. It could also lead to cavities and gum diseases as well as spike your blood sugar.

Medicals conditions that require avoiding eating chocolate

  • If you are having a high level of blood sugar, eating chocolates will cause more spikes in blood sugar and so, you need to avoid it.

  • If you are obese or putting on too much weight faster than normal.

  • If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Eat chocolates in moderation during pregnancy. You can also find out other comfort foods which are also healthy and would not pose any risk to your health.

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