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Is it safe to eat cashew nuts during pregnancy?

Cashew may have all the nutritional benefits that are needed to keep the body healthy, but is it safe to eat cashew nuts during pregnancy?

Pregnant women have a different call for nutrition because of their system’s structure during this period.

So, is cashew nut safe for pregnant women to eat? Yes, it is safe if eaten in moderation. Cashew nuts contain a high number of calories which is not good for the body when consumed in excess.

As a pregnant woman, you should be looking to gain not more than 25-35 pounds. Cashew nuts can serve as a healthy snack replacement, but you need to eat in moderation. Moreover, if you have allergic reactions, you might want to avoid cashew as they could cause allergy.

What is the nutritional value of cashews?

Cashew nuts contain a high content of calcium needed for the bone and dental health of the expectant mother and her fetus. It also helps in the dilation of blood vessels and nerve function. The daily recommended value of iron for pregnant women is 6 Pounds (27 mg) per day.

Cashew nut provides the body with iron which is needed by the red blood cells to carry oxygen to every part of the body. Most women do not meet up with their daily recommendations and end up becoming deficient which could lead to anemia. Eating cashew in a moderate amount can prevent it from happening.

Other nutrients you can get from cashew are zinc, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B9 and K and copper. The copper content which is about 1.3 Pounds (0.6 mg) in one ounce of cashew nut can help in developing the fetal blood vessels. The vitamin K content of the nut ensures the clotting of your blood which will help reduce bleeding that occurs during delivery. The carbohydrate content gives you a burst of energy which makes you active and able to carry out physical activities with ease.

How can cashew be risky for you?

Cashews may have nutritional benefits when eaten in moderation. Going overboard could cause the following to happen to you.

Weight gain.

They are high in calories which means excess consumption will lead to weight gain. You should strive not to gain extra weight than the one that your body needs during pregnancy. When eating cashew nut, either as a snack or sprinkled on your food, take only an ounce and resist the urge to take more.

Allergic reaction.

Cashew nuts can trigger an allergic reaction in pregnant women allergic to nuts. It could have you scratching all day like you are infected with scabies and this can make you uncomfortable during the day and night. If you are allergic to cashew nut or poison oak, then you will need to avoid eating cashew nut entirely.

Nonetheless, limit your cashew nut intake as a pregnant woman. The copper content in it turns to a disadvantage when taken too much. It could lead to diarrhea, heart diseases and headaches.

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