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Is it safe to eat Burger King during pregnancy?

It is quite normal to see pregnant women craving for all sorts of junk foods during pregnancy, including hamburger. The question most pregnant women ask is, is it safe to eat at Burger King while pregnant? Don’t you think you are exposing yourself and the baby to the risk of food contamination and food poisoning?

Unless you are trying to add a considerable amount of weight during pregnancy or expose yourself to food contamination, eating at Burger King is not safe during pregnancy.There are various food options at Burger King such as chicken or beef burgers, chips, salad and veggies, cone ice creams, beverages, fish sandwiches which you may be tempted to eat during pregnancy.

You must know about the dangers of eating fatty foods during pregnancy.

Should you eat fast foods during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, women are bound to get wild cravings and would not keep calm until they get what they want. Sometimes, what they crave for isn’t healthy foods, but junk or fast food.

Apart from the cravings, some pregnant women feed on fast food because they are too tired to cook, or they are just tired of home-cooked meals. The problem with fast food is that they are high in fat, sodium and sugar which is not healthy.

Risks of eating junks during pregnancy.

Women who eat fast food on a frequent basis during pregnancy run the risk of gaining excess weight. This is because fast food is high in fat and calories. These women run the risk of developing high blood pressure, leg pain, backache and might often need to go in for a caesarian section. Women have been advised to gain a maximum of 25-35 pounds during pregnancy, anything other than that is excess weight.

Eating junk food could have a long time effect on the baby that is yet to be born. For example, according to the Journal of The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, published in 2011, mothers who ate more of junk food than healthy meal during their pregnancy gave birth to children who preferred high fatty and sugary food as they progressed in age.1 They were also more likely to become obese and develop other chronic diseases in the future.

Another problem is the hygiene of the restaurant where the food is sold. Most fast food restaurants usually have a poor hygienic environment. The food and water they sell might be contaminated with bacteria which could expose a pregnant woman to infection.

If you must eat any fast foods during pregnancy, rather than buying that oil- dripping chicken and fries, you could opt for sausage rolls or less fatty food while you are in a fast food restaurant. Also, ensure that the environment is always kept clean. If their food tastes spoilt or sour, stop eating it immediately.

Managing it isn’t the best option as it could lead to stomach upset or diarrhea.

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