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Is it safe to drink soda during pregnancy?

Soda is one of many drinks most pregnant women crave for due to its sweetness and energy giving capabilities but is it safe to drink soda during pregnancy?

According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, taking artificially sweetened drinks, of which soda is among, can increase the risk of preterm delivery.

They conducted the research using data from the Norwegian Medical Birth Registry and found out that drinking more than one serving of sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened beverages could lead to preterm delivery. Drinking more than a serving of soda during pregnancy can lead to preterm delivery.

Risks associated with drinking soda

Sodas are not the best drink for you during pregnancy. You should either limit the intake or stop drinking altogether till after your baby is born. The reasons are:

Soda contains caffeine

A 12 ounce of vault contains 71 mg of caffeine, diet coke contains 46 mg, and mountain dew contains 54 mg. Overconsumption of caffeine during pregnancy has a lot of negative effects on you and the baby.

Drinking more than 200 mg of caffeine which is the recommended caffeine intake by day could cause low birth weight, spontaneous abortion and stillbirth. It could also lead to sleepless nights, loss of calcium and constriction of blood vessels.

Empty calories

Soda has no nutritional value that is beneficial for you. It’s all about calories and caffeine. Soda could make you feel satisfied after drinking, thereby preventing you from eating food that will supply you with nutrients you need for a healthy pregnancy.

Cut back on sodas if you notice you are getting addicted and having a preference for them over healthy drinks and food.

Pregnancy problems

Drinking sodas may point you in the direction of heartburn during pregnancy. It either causes your heartburn or increases it. And this usually happens to pregnant women around the third trimester.

Another problem you will experience while drinking soda is bloating which is as a result of a gas build up in the body. Bloating is one of the main causes of stomach pain during pregnancy. It also adds inches to your stomach making it look bigger than normal.

Excess weight Gain

You can get more than 150 calories from 12 ounces can of soda. And because of its sugar content, it is addictive, and this makes people want to drink more than two cans at once. Regular consumption of soda leads to weight gain.

Alternatives to drink

·Fruit juice is a better alternative to soda. Its more refreshing and provides you with nutrients such as vitamin C, iron and potassium.

You can also drink sprite or 7up since they are caffeine free.

Drinking soda during pregnancy has also been linked to poorer visual and fine motor abilities in children around the age of 3. It has also been linked to poor verbal abilities in children around the ages of seven whose mothers took diet soda while pregnant.

Drinking soda during pregnancy should be occasional and not frequent.

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