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Is it safe to drink barley water during pregnancy?

It is easy to know that barley water must have been made from barley. Most women usually wonder if it is safe to drink barley water during pregnancy thus prompting this question is it safe to drink barley water when pregnant? Does it contain any nutritional benefits for pregnant women?

Barley is a nutty flavored cereal that belongs to the grass family. The typical preparation method is boiling barley, straining it and finally draining it over a rind so it could produce that fresh and clear barley water. Barley water is rich in nutrients such as fiber, iron, magnesium, calcium, niacin, folate, copper and so on which is needed for the proper growth and development of the fetus. Are you tired of drinking plain water while pregnant? Then you should read more on the benefits of barley water during pregnancy.

Benefits of barley water.

Here are some amazing benefits of barley water:

  • Due to the diuretic properties found in barley water, it is easy to pass out excess fluid in the body which may lead to swelling of different parts of the body during pregnancy. So in summary, barley water prevents fluid retention.

  • The fiber content aids digestions and allows regular bowel movement during pregnancy. This eliminates issues like constipation and hemorrhoids. It also prevents blood sugar spike by regulating your blood sugar levels which in turn prevents gestational diabetes.

  • Niacin helps in forming the blood clot which is useful especially for women undergoing caesarian section. It also helps in maintaining the sensitive digestive system of the pregnant woman. The folate nutrient helps in preventing neural tube defect and spina bifida.

  • Drinking a glass of barley water every morning is necessary if you want to get rid of morning sickness. It reduces painful stomach cramps or irritations.

  • Barley helps in reducing inflammation by flushing out the excess toxins which prevent the body from absorbing nutrients and using it to take care of you and the baby. It prevents gastric swelling and other chronic disorders.

  • Barley water encourages the cell growth and development of the fetus and also repairs your muscles from stretching and tearing that comes with pregnancy. It also makes your bones and joint more flexible during pregnancy thereby preventing muscle cramps during sports or any physical activity.

Risks associated with drinking barley water during pregnancy.

Barley water is made with barley which means its quality is determined from the barley source. If the barley used in making the barley water is sprouted, then it is bad and should be avoided. Sprouted barley is said to lead to miscarriage and at worst, congenital disabilities.

If yeast or fungus have contaminated the barley, then you will need to avoid using it to make barley waters as it could cause bone disorders.

Looking at the risk involved in drinking barley water, pregnant women interested in drinking barley water should buy fresh and quality barley. Avoid barleys that look like they have been stored for a long time. Use only fresh ones. Also, the water used in making the barley water is of equal importance. Avoid using any water is not clean and filtered.

Also, avoid drinking barley water if you are allergic to it. It could lead to itching and appearances of rashes on the pregnant woman’s skin.

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