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Is it safe to drink apple cider during pregnancy?

Apple cider is one drink with numerous health benefits for those who have decided to use it for several purposes that is why most pregnant women ask this question, is it safe to drink apple cider during pregnancy?

Pregnant women would want to know if drinking a shot of ACV can cause pregnancy complications. Drinking apple cider vinegar is safe but it has to be pasteurized. Dr. D.C Jarvis had recommended that pregnant women should take ACV every day but in a small amount. This he said was important for the fetus to have a great chemical pattern.

Benefits of drinking ACV during pregnancy?

So, drinking vinegar in very small amounts is essential for pregnant women during pregnancy.

Reducing Heartburns

It reduces heartburn which most pregnant women experience during pregnancy. It also prevents preeclampsia by lowering high blood pressure.

Weight Management

It helps to maintain your weight or induce weight loss. Drinking a bit of apple cider vinegar can reduce your sugar cravings and even have you searching out healthy foods to eat. One efficient way of making it work is drinking a little before mealtime; this will help you eat less and still feel satisfied.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

It controls blood sugar levels and also regulates PH balance which helps in keeping you active and smart throughout the day.

It helps in clearing up urinary tract infection in women. Some women will get UTI during pregnancy which is noticeable if your urine becomes cloudy. You can drink a cup of diluted apple cider vinegar, or you use it during bath time to wash down there.

Hygiene Check

It helps suppress the bad odor some pregnant women are prone to during pregnancy. You can apply it on areas you feel the odor is coming out from, and you will feel fresh and confident again.

Reduces Morning Sickness

It helps in combating morning sickness and also reduces swelling -edema, which most women have to deal with during pregnancy. You need to rub it on your hands and legs. Drinking it also prevents your veins from swelling.

When is Apple cider vinegar unsafe to drink

It is important to note that unpasteurized vinegar is unsafe during pregnancy. They contain some harmful bacteria which could lead to health problems in the fetus.

It could also lead to total termination of the pregnancy. It might even reduce potassium levels in pregnant women which is very dangerous.

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