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Are Pizzas safe to eat during pregnancy?

"Is it safe to eat pizza when pregnant?" This type of question is often asked by many pregnant women who crave so much for pizza. However, it is not the kind of question that gets a straightforward answer because pizzas are made with so many ingredients which their source might be difficult to determine.

Considering the baby in the womb, eating pizza might not be the best food during pregnancy.

That pepperoni pizza might look all hot and spicy, but were the ingredients used in preparing it thoroughly cooked? According to the London nutrient society yearly journal, most ingredients used in making pizza contain harmful bacteria, especially when they are not thoroughly cooked.

This is why it is advised that pregnant women should be careful about the kind of pizza and topping they eat to avoid food contamination and infection which may cause extreme pregnancy complications.

Types of ingredients/ toppings used in pizza and what you should know about them

Raw or uncooked meat

Some pizzas such as salami, pepperoni, chorizo, Parma ham and beef pizza are made with raw meat, thus such shouin the raw meat.ld be avoided. Eating such meat could lead to toxoplasmosis which is caused by parasites.


According to the FDA, soft cheese should be avoided during pregnancy. Expectant mothers are advised to go for a hard cheese to reduce the risk of being infected with the listeria bacteria which causes listeriosis in pregnant women.

Soft cheeses such as brie, camembert, blue-veined cheese, Danish blue and chevre are mainly used to prepare some types of pizza. Since soft cheeses have moisture in them, therefore, can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. It is important that expectant mothers avoid pizzas that are made with soft cheeses to protect themselves from contamination and subsequent infection that can be detrimental to there health and probably that of the baby too. However, NHS in the United Kingdom suggested other types of soft cheeses that can be consumed provided they were from pasteurized milk. They are cottage cheese, mozzarella, feta, paneer, ricotta, halloumi and goats' cheese.


Shellfish such as scallops, mussels, prawns and other fish toppings used in making that yummy and filling pizza. According to the FDA, it is essential to find out if these fishes are cooked thoroughly because uncooked or raw fishes are harbingers of bacterial infection. You can get exposed to several strains of bacteria from just one pizza that is made with fresh fish.

Safe ways of eating pizza during pregnancy

Most times, people order pizza rather than make them in their homes. If you happened to be among those people, you may want to ask before you order what ingredients used and how they are prepared.

Pizza should be consumed while it is still very hot.

Stale or leftover pizza should be avoided as the organism can start reforming once it becomes cold. Hot cheese used in making the pizza should be thoroughly cooked before using in the pizza. Whatever type of shellfish or meat included in the pizza should be properly cooked too.


Caution is all that is needed when eating pizza during pregnancy. As long as the pizza is served hot and eaten at that moment, then it is safe to eat pizza during pregnancy.

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